Thrift Shop Challenge

What is the "Thrift Shop Challenge"?

I will be choosing a few high school Juniors(2020) and Seniors(2019) who are fun, creative, think they are awesome at thrifting, and who like having their picture taken! 

I will be giving each person who I choose for the challenge $20 to spend at a thrift shop together on October 14th to purchase a complete outfit which they will then be photographed in within the next couple weeks!

Once I have photographed all participants, I will post images from each shoot to my social media for everyone to vote on who did the best with their $20!

The winner will receive a gift card to their favorite store and a few extras from Stephanie Holmes Photography! 

Interested? Think you are awesome at thrift shopping? Enjoy having your picture taken?

Make sure your parent knows about this, then fill out the application below and I'll be in touch soon!