Let's just say this was an eventful afternoon hanging out at the old mill, and even though our photo shoot was cut short, we had a good time. We began by hanging out on the dock of the small lake, then made our way down to the river. Although the water was a bit cold, the girls were good sports and got in for a few pictures. We then moved up to the ruins, where thank goodness I was the one down below... After only a few minutes of shooting, I go to take a step and hear a hiss. I look down and see the copperhead snake I was about 6 inches from putting my foot on his head. I leap back and have the mom of one of the seniors step back, who had not 10 minutes prior, told me about her fear of snakes. Needless to say, we packed it up and made our way back to the car, thankful the snake gave me a heads up hiss instead of just striking.
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