So, some of the questions I’m sure you are wondering:


Q: Where will the session take place?

A: Since I do not have a studio, I don’t have an exact location yet. However, it will be at a nice hotel in the Atlanta area; more than likely the Georgian Terrace. I will be getting a one or two bedroom suite depending how many ladies confirm they will be attending.


Q: How long will this take?

A: I am planning on getting this all done in one weekend – Check in to the hotel on a Saturday and check out the next day. This way I don’t take up your time on multiple weekends, and you will get lots of photos at the same time rather than having to wait each time. At a minimum there will be 5 models.


Q: What do I get?

A: So glad you asked!

  • Professional images from each model to share on your business sites.
  • Voucher for your own session – does not have to be boudoir. If you would like for it to be boudoir, it would be an in-home session, unless you were willing to pay the hotel fees. OR if you would like for it to be a boudoir session and would be ok doing it on that Saturday night after the model sessions are complete, we can do it then. You would NOT be required to allow me to share your photos.   
  • Phone app with 10 of your favorite images as social media images – lightly watermarked/no print release
  • 5 full resolution digital images with print release
  • Option to purchase additional digital images, wall art, or heirloom album at highly discounted prices
  • Value of $1,000+


Thanks again for your interest! If you have ANY other questions for me besides those listed above before filling out the questionnaire for me, please feel free to email me at: [email protected] or call/text: 404-610-2500.


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